Vision 2033

We have a vision that guides everything we do

Under the leadership of Stephen Haines, M.D., the Neurosurgery Department has grown over the last several years and now has fellowship-trained neurosurgeons in nearly every neurosurgery subspecialty. Reaching this point gave us the opportunity to revisit our mission and develop a new vision for the next chapter in University of Minnesota neurosurgery.

Vision Strategy SessionWorking with Good Leadership Enterprises, we explored our history and examined our role as it relates to neurosurgery in Minnesota. Through this process, we developed a new mission statement, one that we are proud of and feel truly represents who we are:

Neurosurgical patients in Minnesota receive the safest and best care in the nation. The University of Minnesota is a destination for comprehensive, collaborative, patient-centered care of the most complex neurosurgical diseases. Through research and education, we lead the discovery of new neurosurgical knowledge and improvement of patient care throughout the world.

  • Our patients are our first priority
  • We practice innovative, team-based neurosurgery
  • We train neurosurgical leaders who improve our communities
  • Our research improves patient’s lives.

Moving forward, our new mission statement guides us in all that we do. Over the next two decades, we are committed to developing into a neurosurgical program that will lead the way in safety and care for neurosurgical patients in Minnesota. We will do so through collaborative, multispecialty, disease-centered care, will incorporate discovery into every aspect of our practice and will educate the future leaders of neurosurgery.

Vision Video

“There is no bigger challenge…it’s audacious. That’s the kind of challenge I like.” – Stephen Haines, MD, Professor and Department Head, Neurosurgery

In describing why he loves being a neurosurgeon, Dr. Haines helps set the tone for this brief video that encapsulates the Neurosurgery Department’s Vision 2033, a 20-year plan for how the department aspires to deliver services to its home state of Minnesota. The video uses words and images to bring the Mission, Commitments and Strategies that form Vision 2033 to life. It highlights the department’s dedication to and appreciation for its community, its emphasis on caring treatment, the way it educates its residents, and the reciprocal relationship it has with its patients. Watch now.

Vision summary

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This short video summarizes Vision 2033.

Department history

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“Study the past if you would define the future.”
― Confucius

This short video helps give you a sense of our long history at the University of Minnesota. It commemorates the Department of Neurosurgery's 75th anniversary in 2012. And this article, written by Professor and Department Head Stephen Haines, M.D., summarizes his thoughts about the department's history. It also contains a link to an article written by former Department Head, Shelley Chou, M.D.