Supporting staff

Administrative Staff
Clinic and Academic Administrative Staff

The Schedule Coordinators (Clinic Administrative Staff) are the first point of contact for patients after they are referred to the Adult or Pediatric Neurosurgery Clinics by their physicians. They are the patients' advocates, getting all the information needed from the referring physician so it can be integrated into the Clinic's system. They also schedule appointments, send out new patient information packets (forms, maps, information) and are available to answer patient, family, and referrer questions. Give us a call

The Academic Administrative Staff can help answer your questions about the Neurosurgery Department's education programs or academic and research work. Give us a call.

Neurosurgery clinic staffNeurosurgery Clinic Staff

Neurosurgery Clinic team members greet patients, get them ready for their visits, provide required/requested information, coordinate appointments, and answer questions about patients' diagnoses. LPN Laura Seck explains in this quick video why she likes working at the clinic. Want to learn more? Click here.

Pediatrics Team
Pediatric Neurosurgery

The team who works with pediatric neurosurgical patients is passionate about quality and safety. They also offer treatments available nowhere else. Perhaps even more important...they care deeply about the patients they serve. Give us a call.

Neurosurgery operating room staff
Neurosurgery Operating Room Staff

Front row, from left: Christopher Lynch, Linda Puelston, Robin Vogel, Shannon Wersal (middle),Sharena Malsom, Noelle Bibus (middle), Fasika Yohannes. Back row, from left: Scott Jensen, Jenn Passmore, John Baker, Lance Filipi, Ned Hansen, Pat Kaiser, Rebecca Hall.