University of Minnesota Medical Students

Welcome! We're glad you're considering neurosurgery.

UMN students

The Department of Neurosurgery invites qualified fourth year medical students to participate in the Neurosurgery Rotation at the University of Minnesota. The rotation is:

  • Four weeks long
  • Rigorous
  • Requires call, and
  • You are expected to perform at almost an intern level.

A strong understanding of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neuropathology grounded in the first two years of medical school is required. Each year, we take several medical students for this experience. 

The objective is to prepare you for a career in neurosurgery, particularly in academic neurosurgery. Presentations are required. Opportunities to participate in basic and translational research are abundantly available with our neurosurgical laboratories.


NSU 7200 – Surgical Specialty: Neurosurgery (Required Course)

Provides students with an exposure to the basic neurosurgical diseases that they may encounter in any medical field.

NSU 7500 – Externship at Fairview-University Hospital

During this externship, the student will act as a junior member of the house staff. Regular participation in ward rounds and the outpatient clinics will provide the student with exposure to a variety of neurosurgical pathology.

NSU 7511 – Neurosurgical Externship at Hennepin County Medical Center

The student will be an integral part of the neurosurgical team, and will have the opportunity to see neurosurgical procedures in correlation with the patients for whom the student is caring.

NSU 7520 – Neurosurgery Research

Provides students exposure to research in the neurological sciences for those interested in specializing in the neurosciences.

Interested in learning more? Contact our Residency Coordinator at 612-624-0912. You can also connect with other like-minded medical students and potential mentors through the Neurosurgery Interest Group.