• Clark Chen, MD, PhD, is the new Department Chair

    Assumed leadership of the department, August 14, 2017. Learn more.

  • Family is key to this AVM patient's recovery

    Tony Joe Wenker acknowledge's his family's role before and after surgeries to repair defect in his brain. Learn more.

  • Cutting-edge robotic surgical assistant helps make procedures more precise

    Department uses ROSA the robot during different surgeries. Learn more.

Group of residents

Learn with us – Residency in Neurosurgery Program

Blending tradition and innovation, we are a premiere neurosurgery academic center focused on educational excellence, cutting-edge research and skilled, compassionate patient care.

We have developed a reputation for stable, principled direction thanks to leaders such as Stephen J. Haines, MD, Professor and Department Head; and Matthew Hunt, MD, Associate Professor and Resident Program Director

On average, we accept two new residents into the Neurosurgery Residency Program each year. Will one be you?

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Operating room

Discover with us – pushing neurosurgery's boundaries

Because we deal with some of the most complicated and difficult neurosurgical diseases, we constantly face problems for which there are no definite answers. Our basic, translational and clinical research programs focus on better understanding these problems, which can lead to effective future treatments.

Our research explores a wide spectrum – from deep brain stimulation to using stem cells to repair spinal injuries to the use of cancer-fighting vaccines. We invite you to take a quick tour of two of our labs:

Walter Low Laboratory

Vel, Earl Grande, V. Richard Zerling Laboratory

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